Bob Sinner in the Middle

The week BNS is hosting Bob Sinner (that’s good theology) from SB&B

Bob has spent his entire life in North Dakota (USA).  He grew up working in the family farming business and joined the Company after graduating from North Dakota State University in 1975 with a degree in Agriculture Economics. Before SB&B actively pursued an expansion into international business, Bob served on the Executive Committee of the United Soybean Board and Chairman of the International Promotion Committee. 

In 1989, SB&B expanded by creating an international business to supply food quality soybeans and later other food grade commodities directly to food manufacturers globally. Bob serves as President of both SB&B Foods, Inc. the Company marketing entity and Identity Ag Processing, a state-of-the-art processing company created in 2004. 

Identity Ag Processing Website
Identity Ag. Processing

In 2007, SB&B Foods, Inc. was recognized and awarded North Dakota Exporter of the Year.  In 2009, SB&B Companies were also presented with the North Dakota Entrepreneur of the Year Award.  For 4 consecutive years from 2007 thru 2010, SB&B Foods, Inc was recognized nationally by Inc. 500/5000 as one the fastest growing companies in the U. S. Food Industry.

Their most recent expansion was a new processing facility in Bloomer, Wisconsin that began operations in 2010.  Bob currently serves on the United States Soybean Export Council Advisory Board and is Chairman of the Human Nutrition Committee for worldwide food initiatives.  He has been and remains active in a variety of civic, state, regional and national organizations including the North Dakota Trade Office Board of Directors, and the National Agriculture Transportation Coalition Advisory Board.

Bob has 3 sons who are involved in the Company business.

SB&B were participants in last years’s American Soybean Association (USDA Funded) Quality Soy Program in Yangon. Bob will be visiting soyfood processors in Yangon to follow up and to discuss how SB&B can help improve the quality and production of soy foods in Myanmar.